Dwarf Wars

Session 5: Last Steps to Blindenstone

With the last steps from the Silk Paths which lead you down to the lower levels of the Underdark It was another weeks travel to the Worm Tunnels. These tunnels span hundreds of miles created a perfect cylindrical passage. Brellis, your gnome guide tells you that all kinds of terrible creatures take residence within the tunnels. As he felt for vibrations of any worms coming, you walked in the spherical one-way tunnels which spelled certain death if a Purple Worm were to come crashing through. Brellis assured you that the Worms typically didn’t take the same paths as they had previously. You felt comfortable under his lead, that is, until he seemed to become lost.


As Brellis paused to get his bearings, the tunnels started to rumble and suddenly the floor of the tunnel gave way and caved in. The group found themselves at the bottom of some large room with no means to escape.

The group ventured deeper into the caverns and entered the first room which contained lichens and fungi that were edible, the passage opened up to a much larger room that sloped down covered in bones. As they were exploring the bones a rumbling and a crash could be heard an a massive Purple Worm crashed into the room. Luckily it did not see the group but it did open a new passage. Before exploring the new passage Balor found a smaller room off to the side that contained a deep pit that looked treacherous to climb, although there was someone, once, who had tried and his skeleton was on a ledge 50 feet below.

The newly created passage opened into a huge room. It was higher and farther than you could see, but after exploring you discovered that purple worms have laid their eggs here, cementing them together and anchoring them to the cavern walls with their resinous saliva.

After Brellis informed the group that purple worm eggs are valuable an egg gathering party was hatched. traversing the strands is slow going each 1 foot of distance costs 5 feet of movement, but with little to stop you the group gathered nine eggs.

The next room room was very strange and very alien. Using their saliva, the worms have created thick, resinous strands that stretch from wall to wall. These strands are 2 feet thick and suspended some 50 feet above the floor. As the party contemplated what these strands did, their voices set the strands in motion. They vibrated and echoed sounding some kind of weird purple worm alarm and off in the distance rumbling towards the egg chamber could be heard the response to the call.

The group quickly ran from the echo chamber into a cave with green slop on the ground. Under the greenish resin like slop were gems. There was some debate between Medgar and Ors whether time should be taken when in such a perilous cave, clearly a generational difference between the older and younger Dwarves. But the pull for Ors was too strong and he needed to retrieve the gems.

While he pounded out the gems from the resin slop, spiders Giant exploded onto the scene. With the gems secured and the spiders dispatched a purple worm burst through a distant passageway into the nursery, swarms of bats scattered through out the caverns but a new passage was cut that led to the groups freedom.

About 10 days travel Brellis came to a familiar bridge just outside the Worm Tunnels. “The Lava Bridge. We are almost to Blindenstone.”

Except the path was blocked by a rather disgustingly curious creature. “Hi guys, nice to see some friendly faces around here. But I got to ask you to stop right there , at least for the next 101 years.” The being called himself the Spectactor and was very disappointed he had to guard a bridge rather than a treasure room.


There were two fire elemental on his flanks, but other than insisting that he couldn’t let the players cross the Bridges he was very nice. He was also very forthcoming about his duties and who summoned him. First he stated Vizeran but then corrected himself that it was his apprentice Grin.

Cleverly, the group used their Giant Lizard mounts to skirt the bridge and climb on the walls to get around the Spectactor. That seemed to be Ok with the Spectactor as he was just charged in guarding the bridge.

Finally, you have reached the outskirts of Blindenstone.



walkersettle walkersettle

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