Dwarf Wars

Dwarf Wars

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Dwarf Wars

You are the decedents of the dwarven hold of Khundrukar. Renown for their prowess against the giants of the realm, with legendary giant slaying weapons and fighting tactics to down the large foes, they were not prepared for the endless waves of an orc horde that swept through their lands and expelled them from their homes.


Your honor is stained when your grandparents were slaughtered and driven from the Hold. Now the three clans of Kegbelly, Bluebeard and Durgeddin who called the Hold home are scattered across the various dwarf Kingdoms.

Can you reunite the clans?
Can you muster a force and march on Khundrukar?
Can you claim your birthright?
Can you regain your honor?!


  • This campaign will be played through roll20.net
  • It’s free so get a user log-in
  • REaD THE WIKI!! Lots of stuff here
  • Embrace your inner DWARF!!!


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